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Mosser Lee

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Mosser Lee

Founded in 1932, operating continuously under the same family ownership, the company today manufactures products from locally grown long fiber sphagnum moss; provides a full range of decorative mosses and plant soil covers; and produces a line of soil testing meters and kits under the Soil Master TM brand. All Mosser Lee Company products are designed for both the professional grower and home gardener.
Headquartered in Millston, Wisconsin at the entrance to the Black River Falls State Forest, the company's office, plant and warehouses are located near the sphagnum moss marshes.

Through its own harvesting operation and many dedicated, exclusive contractors, the company harvests the sphagnum moss plant throughout its extensive sphagnum moss marshes. Long fiber sphagnum moss is a perennial plant with unique water retention and anti-bacterial attributes which make it indispensable in the horticulture industry. Sphagnum moss is used extensively for such applications as seed germination, lining hanging baskets, air layering, orchid propagation, seedling transplanting, mulching gardens, and decorative soil coverings.

Mosser Lee's sphagnum plant is winter hearty and dates back to the Jurassic period. Through a unique set of circumstances thousands of years ago, Wisconsin's famous sphagnum moss marshes were spared extinction when the glacier covered North America.

Mosser Lee TM and Soil Master TM branded consumer products are available at lawn and garden centers throughout North America. Many can also be ordered directly through the Mosser Lee store on this web site.


Mosser Lee's main office is located at the intersection of I-94 and County Highway O (Exit 128) in Millston Wisconsin.

Mosser Lee Company
W6585 Highway O
Millston, Wisconsin 54643-0437

Phone: (715) 284-2296
Fax: (715) 284-4403

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