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JULY 2011



The Town of Millston Board members met on Monday, July 11th, 2011 at the Community Center 7:00pm. Meeting called to order by Dan at 7:01pm. All Board Members present: Dan Smrekar, Chairman, Dawn Wojtyla, Clerk, Mary Ann Wojtyla, Treasurer, George Riedel, Supervisor 1, Matthew Wojtyla, Supervisor 2.

Minutes from 6-13-11 were read, motion to approve by George, seconded by Matt. Motion carried.

o Dawn reported check/voucher number 13989 thru 14020 along with 3 EFT (EFT-6-30-11, EFT-7-1-(1), EFT-7-1-(2) for a total of $13,460.40 were written. Check #'s 13983, 13995, 13996 were VOIDED. Motion to accept clerks report made by George, seconded by Matt. Motion carried.

o Mary Ann reported Checking account balance as of 6/30/2011 is $130,025.95 with ending cleared check # 14004. Investment balance(s) $103,932.45 reported. Current CD's 6month $26,693.43, 12month $22,171.07, 12month $6,032.30, 12month $25,519.40, 18month $23,516.25. No CD's are up for renewal. Motion to accept treasurer's report made by George, seconded by Matt. Motion carried.
o Deb Welch, CPA with Clifton Gunderson LLP sent a letter to the Board members indicating the services available for her company to perform in regards to an audit of town finances. Motion made by Matt for Mary Ann to contact Deb and set up the agreement and have the work completed, seconded by George. Motion carried.

Environmental/ECO SEH Engineering
o Chad Hines, P.E., Project Manager with WI DOT and Greg Weyandt with SEH Engineering Consultants from Chippewa Falls spoke to the Board and town people present the plans for the Hwy 12 Project to begin approx January 2012 and lasting approx 4-5 months. Project will be from Brockway to the Monroe/Jackson County line. Here are some guidelines for the businesses for putting up signs during the construction - Placement of signs are left up to the project engineer if there are issues however main concerns are that the signs do not cause traffic hazards by being placed within the highway right of way, do not advise traffic to ignore the detour, and are removed when the detour is no longer in effect. The signs should only be directional in nature and not meant to advertise the business' products or services. Signs should be sized similar to what would be used for a garage sale.
Community Comments
o Scott Lauterbach (Scooter) presented to the Board the Fireworks permit for July 3, 2012. Chairman Dan signed the 2012 Fireworks permit. July 3rd, 2012 is a Tuesday and this date will need to be confirmed if this is the actual date for the fireworks display. Minutes to reflect that the fireworks permit for 2011 was fraudulently signed by two supervisors without the approval of the town chairman. Wisconsin Statutes notes that "Use or possession of fireworks requires a municipal permit". The town chair/village president or mayor is responsible for signing the permit unless another individual is designated by the town chair/village president or mayor. The 2011 Fireworks permit was not presented at a board meeting for the town chair to acknowledge or sign. (permit(s) attached)
o Dan passed around a sign-up sheet with the individual to put down their name and the subject on which they wished to address. Concerns from the community were regarding Woodland Road project and the town fireworks. All town residents present were advised to attend a park commission meeting if they have concerns regarding the Millstons' Day in the Park that was held July 2 and will continue to be held as an annual fundraiser to coincide with the fireworks display. The goal of the Park Commission is to work with ALL BUSINESSES in town to help raise funds for the festival fund. The Park Commission meeting will be posted at the community center, post office and Lamberts when it is determined. Notice will also be posted on the Millston Website.

o Board of Review Alternates Ordinance # 7-11-2 reviewed and changes noted and ordinance will be updated and presented at next board meeting for approval. It was acknowledged that Tim White and Larry Zarhte have agreed to be BOR Alternates.

Operator Applications/Licenses
o 4 operator applications were submitted, Debra Somers (Rider Inn), Kylie Kalstad (Lamberts), Tiffany Ropiak (Trails End), Toni Lieske (Trails End), background checks completed. Motion to approve operator licenses to these 4 individuals made by George, seconded by Matt. Motion carried.

Patrol (Daves Schedule) & Phone
o Matt checked with US Cellular - $50.00 per month minus 15% discount - unlimited minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile. Insurance cost $5.95 per month. George checked with Verizon - $40.00 per month minus 15% for 450 minutes per month. Matt and George will check with both companies and see what phones are offered and then a decision will be made on which company to pursue. Motion to get the Town Shop telephone ported to a cell phone made by Dan, seconded by George. Motion carried.
o Board discussed various job duties for Dave to complete throughout the week. Dan will put together a schedule and job duties for Dave to follow. Board also addressed that overtime should be minimized and if it is not an emergent situation, then any extra hours worked should be reflected by taking time off either coming in later the next day or leaving early during that same week. Emergency situations such as snow plowing or storm control, etc are valid overtime duties and should be paid as such.

Karner Butterfly
o Dan will set up a date and time for David Lentz to meet with David Neubauer.

FEMA Training
o All board members are required to be in compliance for NIMS (National Incident Management System) - Elected officials are all required to complete the IS-700 and IS-100. The training can be completed on-line at When training is completed, please print certificate of completion and submit a copy to Dawn. A record of attendance and completion must be sent to John Ross, Emergency Management Coordinator.

Road Projects (Kling & Hunter Haven/Scott Project) Grading
o Dan received a response from Karen Kavelage with the DNR indicating that if culverts are to be replaced, she recommends a 5 foot culvert instead of 4 foot.

o Town of Grant can grade our dirt roads for $68.00/hour.
o Woodland Road project has been temporarily postponed until all information is gathered and reviewed on how to proceed.

Zoning - Linden
o Zone Change Petition #2011-31 requested by Wayne Linden on property located in the SW -NE1/4, section 22, T20N, R2W, Town of Millston, Jackson County, WI. The request is to change 5 acres of the Official Zoning Map from the R-4 (Residential) District to the R-2 (Residential) District for the placement of a manufactured home. The Board supports the request, township position form signed and mailed to zoning.
Old Business
o No bids received from running ad in paper for the town fencing project. The original bid from B&B will be used. Motion made by George to contact B&B out of Tomah to construct on-site an 8ft (no barbed wire) fence 250 feet with one 20ft roll gate, seconded by Matt. Motion carried. Matt will contact B&B.
o Doris Johnson inquired with the board on her tree concerns. Dan instructed David (town patrolman) to set up a meeting with Doris to resolve the tree issue.

Motion to adjourn was made by Dan, seconded by Matt. Meeting adjourned 9:35pm

Dawn M. Wojtyla, Clerk
Town of Millston

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